What is Green Remodeling
Green remodeling is an all-encompassing approach that emphasizes making a home healthy, comfortable, and efficient. Consideration is given to indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservations, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment and for people.

Why Go Green
It's easier on the earth, it lowers costs, and it provides a healthier home in which to live. Homeowners who chose to remodel green can lower their energy consumption by 30-50%. Our forests produce 40% of the Earth's oxygen and building supplies/lumber consume 25% of its forests. When you remodel green by using recycled materials or sustainable species it will help us tread more lightly on Earth's natural resources. Green remodeling is becoming more popular with Americans who suffer from asthmas, hay fever and other allergies all of which are aggravated by poor indoor air quality.